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MOON2 tech-rider

download tech-rider as PDF: Stereo | Surround

Possible placement - STEREO

Possible placement - SURROUND

2 speakers powerful enough for the room.
Cables to connect audio interface with the main mixer (mono-outputs 1/4'' TRS). Subwoofer(s) powerful enough for the room (summary from all channels, except bass).
Bass amplifier on stage powerful enough for the room.
A drum kit: bass drum with pedal, snare drum with stand, floor tom, two hanging toms, hi-hat stand, 3 cymbal stands, drum chair, additional normal chair, carpet (if needed). Warning! The drum kit isn't needed for gigs taking place in Kraków. Instead the transportation of the drum kit to and fro is required.
Mic set for amplification of the drum kit.
4 stage monitors, with summary from all channels on the main mixer. Warning! Monitors should be placed as close to the speakers as possible (see image).

Table for electronics (approx 120x70cm, any height).
AC: 5 sockets for electronics according to your country standards.
Dim light with the dominance of red color. Static red spots on each band member.
Two screens approx 3x4m.
Two projectors (HDMI)
Stage platform or scene approx 30-50cm high.
Warning! For gigs taking place in Kraków: transportation of the drum kit (to and fro).
Calibration and check
2 hrs soundcheck. Warning! Critical for properly calibrating the space and amplifying the drums!
Light and sound engineers available during the calibration and sound / light-check.