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Denis Kolokol, electronics, movement
Ernest Ogórek, bass
Tomek Chołoniewski, drums

MOON2 is a trio with more or less stable residence in Kraków, Poland. The group’s main focus is interactive performance, algorithmic composition, virtual worlds, this kind of stuff... Pretty scientific and inhuman, but made by humans and for a humankind.

We see music not as a sequence of events, but as a dynamic system, which we only pretend to control. If an order becomes slightly more complicated, than the simple “if-else” directive, the system tends to fall apart as more and more hidden inconsistencies unfold. These anomalies is our material. We balance on the surface of the meticulously painted chart trying not to be buried under the pure chaos.

All the electronic sounds are programmed manually in SuperCollider. No commercial synths used.

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